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We are located at 10 N. Martingale Road Suite 400 Schaumburg IL 60173.

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Why risk losing your precious memories to a natural disaster or heat and moisture related issues. Chicago transfer services offers 2 ways to keep your footage safe. 

  • First by transferring the footage to high-quality DVDs and 
  • Secondly by transferring your MP4 files to flash drive.

We do not recommend mailing any of your valuable tapes or films. Chicago Transfer Services has 50 offices in the Chicagoland area to serve you. We recommend dropping them off to keep them safe. Set up an appointment today!

16mm film 4000ft – 8mm film 2000ft per DVD. On a flash drive no limit.

Yes, we repair it to be processed for your conversion.

We try to transfer any film, but if the sprocket holes are damaged, it may not be possible.

For 16mm 8mm and Super 8mm film we use The Elmo TRV system with upgraded sentech CCD cameras. All film is direct to digital transfers with no box or filming off the wall. All film is output in 1080p.

Yes, if needed, we will clean and dust off any particles that may be on your film.

We do try to brighten up the image, or lower the brightness if possible to make a better image.

No, there is no way to fix either of these issues.

Yes, all of our films are run through a color correcting process for the best possible image.

There was sound available only on 16mm or Super 8mm film and the way to determine if your film does have sound is to look for a thin gold strip along the side of the film, which indicates an audio track. 

Yes, we edit out any blank spots where there is no image and of course the white leader is not converted.

We convert your film in our secure studio, located in Schaumburg, Illinois.

In order to convert the film in a specific order, you would need to number each box or reel in the order you would like them to be converted.

Yes, all of your film and tapes are returned to you, intact, when you come back to the office to pick up your order.

A standard DVD will hold up to 2hrs of footage. If your VHS was recorded using the LP or SLP mode, you may need up to 3 DVDs for that media.

Yes, we have a tape repair service to fix most forms of media. Please call for a quote. 

Yes, we can convert from anywhere in the world.

Yes, we can convert SD camera data to DVD. Please call Chicago Transfer Services on 630-539-8000 for a quote.

Hi8mm and Digital 8mm tape to DVD cost $25 per tape for up to 2hrs.

A 16mm film high-resolution scan is 50 cents per foot which includes editing and enhancement of the film.

A professional Film Transfer Service like Chicago Transfer Services.

No, 16mm and 8mm are two different formats.

A 16mm film in the high-resolution transfer is 50 cents per foot including editing and enhancement of the film.

You can watch 8mm videos without a video camera by getting them transferred to a DVD or Flash Drive.

We use the ELMO TRV system with a Sentech high-resolution CCD camera built-in.

It costs 30 to 50 cents per foot depending on the type of film.

Use a professional transfer service like Chicago Transfer Services.

Rarely, but 16mm film is still out there, developing the film is the issue.

16mm film is superior to 8mm film it is a wider film strip and has much better quality

Yes, 35 mm is better than 16 mm.

Yes, it must be a dual 8mm projector.

No, they don’t make 8 mm film anymore.

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